Before the round.

Cars on charge
Visage can diagnose potential fleet issues before they can impact a customer's round. If a rogue charger could compromise other vehicles, you'll see it on the easy-to-use Visage Command Center.
In Staging Mode, Visage knows where all your cars are at all times; it also relegates cars to a maximum speed of 2 mph until you release them. Abuse, theft and phantom rounds drop precipitously.
Assign cars
Tag single cars, a few cars or your entire fleet. Say you have a fraternity outing booked. Set that group's cars to a lower speed and cart path only to protect the players and your course. Marshal needs access to the entire course? Drop the geo fence you’ve erected around sensitive areas for his car only.

During the round.

Geo fences and action zones
Visage helps you keep cars out of lakes, creeks, sensitive areas and away from potentially hazardous areas like parking lots and roads. Easily set your no-go areas from your PC. Lock them in or change them daily.
Cart path only
There will always be golfers who just don't like following the rules. Visage makes sure they stick to the path anyway.
Vehicle tracking
See every golf car on the course, any time. Operators love this feature for maximizing rounds. They can see openings on the course they couldn't before Visage; and they can squeeze in an extra group or two every day.
Pace of play
One of your customers’ loudest complaints; Visage is the cure. With real-time vehicle tracking you'll see problems before they turn into bottlenecks. Message the offending group right from the club house, or dispatch a marshal directly to the problem.
An invaluable feature of Visage; communicate directly with a single car (“You’re one hole behind, please speed up.”), or to all cars on the course ("Dangerous weather in the area. Please return to the clubhouse."). Messages can be prioritized and accompanied by an audible alarm. Golfers can also send messages to golf course staff.
Food & beverage
Visage makes everyone a better marketer. The colorful display and messaging features are powerful tools for promoting higher margin items like hot sandwiches, craft beers, protein bars and energy drinks. That’s where real profit lives.
Tournament leader board
Score more tournaments and charge more for them. Visage puts a real-time leader board in every car so groups always know where they stand in the event. Combined with Visage's other service features, tournaments at your course will stand above the crowd.
Electronic scorecard
Golfers easily set up scoring for as many as four players. At the end of the round, they email their card to themselves. And you capture that data for future marketing.

After the round.

Don’t stop selling
Send a “thank you” message to every group when they leave the 18th green. The end of a round is the best time to offer a deal on a bounce-back round, or to encourage booking their next tee time. Why not invite them to the grill for a discounted beer or snack or into the pro shop for a discount on merchandise?
Car history and reporting
Collect individual vehicle history and download it automatically when a car returns to the clubhouse. Know where your cars are going and how they're performing, and monitor power consumption.
Find a car
Find a Visage-equipped vehicle quickly anywhere on your property. If a car leaves the mapped property, Google Earth technology kicks in to locate the car.
Lock down mode
Cars won’t move. Period. The best way to discourage theft, joy rides and vandalism.
Power management
For all of its capabilities, Visage demands very little in terms of energy. Visage pulls 12W at full brightness or about 1.25 EUs per 5-hour round. A typical 48V battery pack achieves over 80 EUs with a full charge. When idle, Visage automatically switches off its backlight to further conserve energy.